Who is Uttarakhand journalist Ashutosh Negi fighting for justice for Ankita Bhandari arrested under the SC-ST act 


Who is Uttarakhand journalist Ashutosh Negi fighting for justice for Ankita Bhandari arrested under the SC-ST act 

If you happen to be viewing the article Who is Uttarakhand journalist Ashutosh Negi fighting for justice for Ankita Bhandari arrested under the SC-ST act ?

Journalist Ashutosh Negi, known for his activism in seeking justice for Ankita Bhandari has been arrested by the police in Uttarakhand under the SC-ST act

The arrest came after a case was filed under the SC-ST Act by Rajesh Raja Koli against Ashutosh Negi, Deep Maithani, and another journalist. Deep Maithani has already been arrested, and the investigation was handed over to CO Kotdwar. Ashutosh Negi was arrested from outside the Srinagar RTO office.

To get justice for Ankita, al arge number of people demonstrated demanding action against the then SDM and Yamkeshwar MLA and raised slogans by burning the effigy of the government. It is alleged that big accused are being saved under pressure from the ruling government and police administration and in this case, a person named Ashutosh Negi, who is fighting for justice, has been arrested late night by the police.

Who is Uttarakhand journalist Ashutosh Negi fighting for justice for Ankita Bhandari arrested under the SC-ST act as protests break out


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Journalist Ashutosh Negi @journalistAshu who is fighting to get justice for Uttrakhand Devbhoomi’s daughter Ankita Bhandari, has been arrested by the police.

Where is the main culprit who murdered Ankita Bhandari ?#JusticeForAnkitaBhandari#JusticeForAnkitaBhandari pic.twitter.com/Hq76GcK50D

— Sunny Dass (@sunnydass_) March 6, 2024

Who is Ashutosh Negi?

Ashutosh Negi is an Indian journalist who is known for his activism in the Ankita Bhandari case and is married but details about his family aren’t known.

Ankita was a receptionist in a resort in Uttarakhand. Pulkit Arya and the son of BJP leader Vinod Arya and proprietor of the Vanantra Resort allegedly assassinated her on September 18, 2022. The State Disaster Response Force of the Uttarakhand police retrieved Ankita’s body on September 24, 2022. The body was found from the Chilla Canal barrage. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences Rishikesh performed Ankita’s preliminary autopsy which revealed that she died from blunt force trauma.

Ankita Bhandari’s parents are currently on an indefinite strike in Srinagar, demanding justice for their daughter. Ashutosh Negi, a vocal advocate for Ankita’s cause, was heard saying, “This fight should continue,” when he was being arrested. His arrest has sparked anger among local residents, who have accused the government of negligence in Ankita’s case and of protecting VIPs.

Following Ashutosh Negi’s arrest, a large number of people gathered to protest. They demanded action against the then SDM and Yamkeshwar MLA, alleging their involvement in Ankita’s case. The protesters burnt effigies of the government and blocked the highway, expressing their frustration with the authorities’ handling of the situation.

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Ankita’s father has accused the government of implicating those seeking justice for Ankita in fake cases. He stated that Ashutosh Negi’s arrest in the STAC case is unjust and vowed to continue the movement even after the arrest. The arrest has further fuelled suspicions of a government conspiracy to silence those advocating for Ankita Bhandari.

The arrest of Ashutosh Negi has not dampened the resolve of those fighting for justice for Ankita Bhandari. It has instead fueled their determination to continue the fight and seek accountability from the government. As the struggle for justice continues, Negi’s arrest serves as a reminder of the challenges faced in seeking justice and the need for perseverance in the face of adversity.

Ashutosh Negi’s custody

Ashutosh Negi was produced before the court which remanded him to judicial custody until March 15 after he was arrested due to causing provocation as per the police during the protests. The arrest was based on Koli’s complaint, accusing Negi and others of using caste-related words against him. This development has dashed the hopes of Ankita’s family, who were counting on Negi’s continued support in their quest for justice.

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